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Octane Booster for Petrol Saving and Better Pick-up Power Up 100ml

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Power Up Octane Booster 100ml


1. Boost Octone Performance for better pick-up

2. Save Petrol by keeping fuel intake system clean

3. Boost cleaning performance of petrol/gasoline

4. Fight rust and corrosion by removing water

Specially formulated to improve gasoline engine performance and reduce fuel consumption by increasing pick-up power and fighting the rapid build-up of harmful dirt, gum and varnish deposits in the fuel system.

How to use:

1. Upon opening pour entire contents to petrol tank

2. Firmly replace cap on empty bottle and discard or recycle it.

3. Use in tanks up to 50 litres

4. May be used in combination with other Power Up series of products.

Content 100% imported

Formula and Technology from USA