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HIVETOWN Acacia Sparkling Honey Drink (6 x 320ml)

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Malaysia First Sparkling Honey Drink

- Authentic Malaysia Honey Provider

- 320ml/per can

- 24 cans/per carton

✅ Proudly Made in Malaysia

✅ Functional + Natural Flavour

✅ Natural Acacia Honey harvested from Borneo Island rainforest

✅ Natural Electrolytes to keep hydrated & regulate PH level & Muscles. Therefore it’s highly suitable for after-sports/ hot weather

✅ Acacia Honey is good in sore throat prevention & good for digestive health

✅ Comes with Vitamin B & C, has lower glycaemic index than sugar (perfect to manage diabetes)

✅ No Added Sugar, perfect for health conscious user

***Our Brand***

Our sparkling honey drink offers digestive health benefits, natural electrolytes, a low glycemic index, and allergy relief. It's naturally sweet delight that's proudly Made-in-Malaysia, and it won't break the bank. Embrace the true taste of Malaysia with our sparkling honey drink, crafted from the finest Malaysian honey. We take pride in being the FIRST to bring you this unique blend of tradition and innovation. Our honey sparkling drinks are a botanical masterpiece, infused with the diverse flavors of lavender, sunflowers, and more. Let your taste buds explore the beauty of nature as you indulge in the sweetness of life.