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Giant B Stingless Honey 银蜂蜜 520gm 100% Original 【HALAL】

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This type of honey is a little more watery compared with other honey and it doesn't taste only sweet like other types of honey. It has a slight sour taste but it goes well with the sweetness of the natural honey. It is said to be healthy for our body to consume 1 table spoon of this honey each day.
Stingless Bees (MeliponiniTrigona) is stingless bees that produce honey that taste slightly sour just like honey bees. It is estimated that nearly 500 species of Stingless Bees found throughout the world. Stingless bees can be found in most tropical areas of the world, such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and tropical America. Stingless bee honey is said to have a range of nutrients and higher nutritional value compared to honey bees, its store honey in small resin pots made from propolis.


Bees are important as agents of pollination in the forests and many species of fruit, flowers, vegetables and other crops. Stingless Bees collect resin of dipterocarp trees such as “Meranti”, “Keruin” and” Merawan” in the forest as a source of food to bring back to the nest. Resin forest trees that contain antioxidants. It is the body’s internal cleansing agent that helps stimulate human immune cells .Stingless Bee Honey is called MOTHER MEDICINE and an increasing number of traditional practitioners and researchers to suggest its use.


Health Benefits: -Treating Diabetes

Cures Asthma

Cures Arthritis (Arthritis)

Reduce Cholesterol

Cures Gout

Copes with Heart Disease

Improve Blood Circulation

Overcome High Blood Pressure

Cures Cancer

Improve Body Immunity System

无刺蜂(也称银蜂)和其他蜜蜂一样但生产的蜂蜜味道会带点微酸。据估计,世界各地将近有500多个品种的银蜂。银蜂无刺不蛰人, 体型小,只存在于热带和亚热带国家,如马来西亚,非洲和美洲热带地区。






* 帮助激发人体免疫细胞


* 治疗糖尿病、调节血糖


* 消除疲劳、促进睡眠


* 提高身体抵抗力系统


* 促进消化




食用方法:早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。