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Giant B Apple Vinegar Honey | Madu Cuka Epal | 苹果醋蜜 (1000g)

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❌ No Additives ❌ No Preservatives ❌ No Colouring Size: 500gm & 1000gm Taste: Sweet and sour *Take it after meal | Minum selepas makan* Apple Vinegar Honey is made of natural honey and the formula for making top-grade vinegar is brewed through a special process. Vinegar is excellent for health. It may be drunk as a cold or warm drink after meals. Drinking apple vinegar has multiple advantages. It balances your inside cosmos. It will supplement you with rich vitamins, fruit acid and many more minerals. It will also provide you with energy. This finely brewed honey vinegar has the flavour of mother nature and each drop is an essence for beauticians. Health benefits: -Maintain health, protect sin & body system. -Helps digestive system & prevent constipation problems. -Prevent mouth problems (Halitosis). -Reduce bodyweight & burn fat effectively. -Helps to increase stamina. -Helps to prevent joint & muscle problems. -Reduce fatigue. -Helps to prevent cold and flu. *Bee products may cause allergies. Honey not to be refrigerated. It is normal for honey to become darker according to the temperature change/weather condition. ❗❗ Once in the morning and evening, adults: 2 tablespoons; children: 1 tablespoon ❗❗ It is not recommended for babies under 1 year of age to drink honey because the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed. 苹果醋有十分全面的功效,它可以护肤、抗衰老、促进消化、预防感冒、消除疲劳等保健功效。加入了蜂蜜的苹果醋,果香浓郁,酸甜柔和,清爽可口,沁人肺腑,不含色素及防腐剂,富含天冬氨酸,丝氨酸,色氨酸等人体所需的氨基酸成分,以及磷、铁、锌等10多种矿物质,Vc含量比苹果高出10倍之多,是很好的保健饮料。 功效: -促进体内新陈代谢,美化肌肤,保持健康 -增强免疫系统 -改善消化能力及消除便秘困扰 -消除口臭 -排解过多脂肪,调节体重,美容瘦身功效 -消除疲劳 * 蜂产品可能引起敏感。蜂产品不须放在冷藏。蜂蜜浓度会随温度有变,色泽由浅渐变深,实属正常。 ❗❗ 早晚各一次,成人:2汤匙; 小孩:1汤匙。 ❗❗ 1岁以内婴儿不建议饮用蜂蜜,因其肠胃道发育不完全。 Kebaikan: -Memelihara kesihatan, mencantikkan kulit dan mengukuhkan sistem ketahanan badan -Menurunkan berat badan dengan berkesan dan menghapuskan lemak badan yang tersimpan -Menolong sistem penghadaman, mencegah masalah sembelit -Membantu meningkatan daya ketahanan badan dan stamina -Membantu mengurangkan masalah kesejukan -Menghilangkan bau mulut (Halitosis) -Menghilangkan rasa sakit sendi -Mengatasi masalah keletihan ❗❗ Minum setiap hari pagi dan malam, orang dewasa minum 2 sudu besar, kanak-kanak minum 1 sudu besar. ❗❗ Tidak digalakkan untuk bayi berusia di bawah 1 tahun untuk minum madu kerana perkembangan saluran gastrointestinal tidak lengkap.