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F&N Cordial Flavor (2L) - Rose Syrup

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You must have tried various recipes for iftar and suhoor dishes this Ramadan, right? Why don't you try F&N Longing Pandan Crystal Water drink recipe today!
Pandan Jelly Ingredients:
200ml of water
3 Tablespoons of Sugar
2 tablespoons F&N Pandan tub
1 Tablespoon of gelatin powder
Pandan Water Ingredients:
750ml Water
½ can of F&N Sweetened Thick Creamer
⅓ can of F&N Evaporated Creamer
3 Tablespoons of F&N Pandan
2 tablespoons cincau (diced)
2 tablespoons of sago seeds, cooked and dried.
2 Tablespoons Cordial Rose Syrup per glass
1 Glass of Ice
Preparation method:
Prepare the pandan jelly by mixing all the ingredients in a pan. Bring to a boil, let cool and dice after it becomes jelly.
Add water, F&N Sweetened Thick Creamer, F&N Evaporated Creamer and pandan cordial in a jug. Stir until combined.
Scoop out the jelly and cut into dice/cubes.
Add F&N Rose Syrup, ice, cincau, sago jelly in each glass.
Delicious served cold!
Have fun and don't forget to tag us to show the results.