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Canbe Zero Sugar/ Sugar Free Candy (16gm) Honey Peach/ Fresh Lemon/ Red Grape Mints/ Lime Cola/ Cool Ice

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Canbe Sugar-Free Mint Candy, Full of Vibrance and Freshness Each flavor represents different personalities and characteristics, and your choice is not just a taste decision, but also a reflection of your unique taste and charm.
Natural Mint Extract
Cool and Comfortable taste
Simple and stylish design, convenient for on-the-go carry
No Sugar
No Preservatives
No Artificial Coloring
Canbe's packaging design is simple and fashionable, easy to carry with you, allowing you to enjoy the fresh taste and personal charm anytime, anywhere Whether you are working, studying, or exercising, Canbe keeps you energetic and fresh with its refreshing taste and pleasant breath.

Canbe无糖薄荷糖,充满活力和清新感 每一款口味代表了不同的个性及特点,您的选择不仅仅是味觉上的决定,更是展现出个人独特的品味及魅力。
Canbe的包装设计简约时尚,便于随身携带,让你可以随时随地享受到清新口感和个性魅力的展现 让你无论是在工作、学习或者运动时,无时无刻保持活力,带给你清爽的口感和舒适的口气。